If You keep the flame burning
You wont have to clean up the ashes.

Neo-Homesteading to me is the modern realistic homesteading movement. Its living my life surrounded by nature, and hoping that every day that passes I’m giving my loved ones: my children, the best I can give them. Its cherishing every blessing that comes my way and making the best of every moment I have. Its not allowing myself to be overwhelmed with what I dont have, but really truly believing that I have everything I need. Living off of the land does not necessarily specify that your living “off the grid”, its cherishing your space, whatever piece of the earth you may have, however large or small and taking absolute advantage of it.

Its sharing with your family, friends and loved ones the best you can possibly give them with limited quality ingredients. Its remembering every single moment, that people spend their entire lives longing for what we have right now. Its the brutal reality knowing that the future generations may not have these same opportunities we have today. If self sufficiency becomes a thing of the past who will carry on our traditions? Food truly is the foundation of every culture, what culture will exist when everything is factory made? Will it be a world wide melting pot of pesticides and preservatives? Who will tell our great-great grandchildren that you dont have to buy jam or wine from the store, or that there is such a thing as home cooked meals.

How do you know your sharing your best? … By making it yourself, with your own two hands . By doing so, love and time is truly the only additiive. Food is what fuels your body and energizes you, but it also fuels your soul, and raises your spirits. You will not live forever but the impressions you make along the way can help mold the future generations. Its up to the next generation, this generation of food lovers to keep the flame burning.

I would love to share this journey with you and help to bond future generations with quality traditions to pass on.

Thank you for visiting!


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